Thursday, August 26, 2010

Salt Shakers: Dispatches From The BUB Bonneville Speed Trials, August 26, 2010

The countdown continues for the BUB Speed Trials that get underway Saturday, August 28. The BUB crew is busy grooming the salt some more today, with most of the work completed. Meanwhile, the weather remains perfect and the salt continues to cure for what’s expected to be some of the most ideal conditions in years for the racers.

“The place is absolutely still,” reports Denis Manning today. “The salt is excellent.”

Manning said that there’s a forecast for a slight breeze today, too, “and that’s good.” Apparently a gentle breeze helps in the curing process so that the salt is as uniform as can be. That means no wet spots so that traction remains predictable the entire run.

But even when salt and weather conditions are ideal, racers want more. So we asked Manning what would make the salt perfect at this time. Surprisingly, he said, “A little bit of moisture would help, too.” One weather forecast we saw called for scattered thunderstorms on Friday. Given Manning’s desire for “a little moisture,” perhaps that’s all the speed gods need do to make this the best salt conditions ever.

More tomorrow. —Dain Gingerelli

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