Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Salt Shakers: Dispatches From The BUB Bonneville Speed Trials, August 25, 2010

The BUB Bonneville International Speed Trials are scheduled to start on Saturday, August 28, at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and Cycle Guide Magazine will be posting updates from the Great White Dyno, relaying dispatches from our cub reporter Denis “Bub” Manning. Yep, the Bub behind the Bonneville hubbub will be checking in with us daily to give us the latest news on salt conditions, who’s fast and who’s last, plus other news bits from this all-motorcycle speed contest.

We’ll also feature some Bonneville-related postings. We’ve got some video reviews planned, plus some Flashbacks of LSR reporting that appeared in the original Cycle Guide to keep speed freaks entertained.

While this year’s BUB event doesn’t officially get underway for a few days, our eager cub reporter, whose day job is promoter for the BUB Speed Trials and owner of the world’s fastest motorcycle, checked in today with the following update on salt conditions:

On course conditions:
“We’re setting up the pits right now. They’re graded and waiting for the racers. The long course is being graded right now. It’s 11 miles, and the first six miles are perfect. We’re working on the rest of the course now.”

On the weather:
“The weather is perfect. It’s 68 degrees right now (9 a.m.), not a cloud in the sky and you can see for miles!”

You can thank Ma Nature for the ideal weather conditions, which are expected to last the duration of the event. A high-pressure system that encompasses pretty much the entire western region of the U.S. shows no signs of weakening. If it lasts, the forecast is for temperatures in the high 70s to mid 80s all next week.

Bub’s summary: “No wind, 11 miles of good, dry salt. I wish I had my streamliner here!” —Dain Gingerelli

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