Friday, June 25, 2010

The Long-Distance Motorcycle: Gearing Up For The Long Haul

It takes a special type of rider to participate in the legendary Iron Butt Rally, one who won't give up in the face of heat, cold, rain, wind, fatigue, mechanical breakdowns, or diabolically bad luck. The motorcycles used in endurance rallies and for long-distance riding are just as special. Iron Butt Rally veteran Paul Peloquin walks you through some of the modifications he made to the bike that took him to 18th place in the 2007 IBR, during which he rode 10,001 miles in 11 days.


  1. Excellant presentation from an excellant rider.

  2. Very nice presentation, and a great plug for a great bike for any/most roads & conditions - the FJR (F..king Just Ride)

  3. Thanks for sharing Paul. Great piece.