Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What Is This, Some Sort Of Spanish Disquisition? How To Pronounce "Lorenzo"

"I don't care how you pronounce my name as long as the words 'World Champion' come first!"
I'm a word guy, unusually alert to the nuance of usage and pronunciation, and so it was with extreme exasperation that I watched the Spanish MotoGP race this weekend in which no two announcers (including the entirely superfluous American one that SPEED threw in the mix) seemed to pronounce "Jorge Lorenzo" the same way. So my nerdy bits were aroused by "The Definitive Guide on How to Pronounce 'Lorenzo'" on Asphalt and Rubber. Among other things, it reminded me that while I took seven years of Spanish in school, one of my teachers learned his Spanish in Spain, and the other in Mexico, which I am now publicly and for the first time blaming for my mediocre grades, and the fact that I still can't roll an "r" to save my life.Jerry Smith

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