Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gut Check: Is This Dainese Ad In Bad Taste?

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I get the idea; the girl probably won't be getting her new liver from a Dainese customer because of the company's protective gear. On the flip side, I'm put off by using someone who needs an organ transplant as a punch line. Am I being too sensitive? Your comments are invited. (Click the pic to enlarge it.)Jerry Smith


  1. I'm not easily offended, and I appreciate edgy, clever advertisements.

    But this just ain't an effective ad.
    If I'd never heard of Dainese, I'd have no idea what product they're selling.

    They're setting us up to sympathise with this girl, than saying, "Use out product and the girl dies"

    Is Dainese running low on cash? It looks like they just jammed a stock photo in there. There's nothing to show that they sell motorcycle gear.

    Dainese makes great stuff, they could have used the same "save from organ donation" concept by showing a completely trashed, road rashed jacket and a disappointed surgeon.
    I'm more offended by the fact that a group of people got paid very well to put together such a lame ad!

    This BMW ad from Greece certainly pushes the boundaries. It's not going to sit well with everyone, but the target audience GETS IT right away. And boy does it create desire for a beemer...

  2. Yikes! Makes you wonder what's next? Cadavers?

  3. awesome! if this could be seen by the non-riding, I would rather be texting than pay attention to my driving crowd, then it would really drive the point. They call us organ donors--even though they are the reason that happens--and we should slap them back in the face with it once in a while.
    Sadly this will only make it to mc rags and maybe, if we get lucky, catch a little viral momentum.

    Howard Kelly

  4. I'm ok with the Dianese ad but WOW love the BMW ad.

  5. The ad doesn't give me any reason to choose their helmet over the competition's.