Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On The Road Again: Motorcycle Escape Is Back!

It's all too common these days to read about print titles going under, so it's doubly nice to see one coming back, and not only that, but one as consistently good as Motorcycle Escape.
From Escape editor Andrew Cherney:

If you've been missing your favorite motorcycle travel mag these last few years, fret no more. Motorcycle Escape is returning (in limited release) for 2010 and 2011.

Originally launched in 2004 as a touring and travel magazine, Motorcycle Escape featured unique travel-biased content that encouraged readers to follow through on their road trip dreams.  The same high-end production values and bold, personable stories, tests and reviews return, with a focus on unique, bike-worthy destinations and the people that ride there.  

Motorcycle Escape magazine is more about riding and the adventure - not just the ride.
Edited by Andrew Cherney, with help from fellow original Escapees Jamie Elvidge and Marc Cook, along with a veteran team of motojournalists, photographers and art directors (Brit bad boy Darren Scott, for one), the Winter issue of Escape is available on newsstands November 18th. 

Check it out - we hope it'll add some fuel to your traveling jones.


I have the Winter 2010 issue on my desk, and it's a keeper. The words are great, but what really impresses me is the photography. It's a compelling argument for print in the print-versus-web debate. Jerry Smith


  1. Looks great!
    Is there a link to a website or place to buy it?

  2. Check the newsstand. That's where I found mine.

    The Escape website is here:


    But it doesn't seem to be working at the moment except as a subscription portal for Motorcyclist.

  3. Nice. But they're over-playing my involvement. I went along on the cover-story ride and provided notes. That's all... (Fun ride, though.)