Friday, August 20, 2010

Video Review: 2010 Isle of Man Official Review

Have you ever ridden down a favorite country road and found your progress slowed by traffic, or gravel on the pavement, or absurdly low speed limits, and wondered what it would be like if you could sweep away all of these petty distractions and tackle that road at full speed? If you really want to know what it’s like to ride flat-out at over 100 mph into a blind corner lined with stone walls, and use a hotel patio for a brake marker, get over to the Isle of Man for the annual TT races and see for yourself. If that’s not in the budget, the next best thing is to get a copy of the Official Review of the 2010 Isle of Man TT.

They’re calling some of the MotoGP guys “aliens” now because they do things on their bikes that apparently defy the laws of physics. Well, I defy you to watch these TT guys attack the twisty roads of the Isle of Man and not ask yourself whether they’re entirely human. Remember, this is the race Valentino Rossi himself said he’s glad he doesn’t have to ride.

One man who was glad he did ride the 2010 IOM TT was Ian Hutchinson, who you get to see win a record five events during a single TT week.  You’ll also see the sidecar race, which is a special lunacy all its own, and the TT Zero for electric bikes. The DVD extras include Loris Capirossi and Jorge Lorenzo doing a parade lap, and Cameron Donald riding a Rizla Suzuki MotoGP bike around the circuit.

The outstanding on-bike cameras and sweeping helicopter shots zoom you from a spot just behind the windscreen of the racebikes to one high overhead as they streak through the green countryside. This is a video you’ll watch more than once—way more than once—and it’ll amaze you every time. Jerry Smith

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